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Monday, June 08, 2015


Every poem I write is an imperfection
a missed chance to capture
humanity in verse

I try to force myself upon them
but the poems end up going
where it is they will

Often I am more a spectator
than an intentional author
as the poem blooms
and fades according to its kind

By the third or fourth stanza
the poem has taken a life
of its own and I am suddenly
left to follow down garden
paths that have gone to seed

I start out chasing Eden
the perfection of a garden
where all is well and good

Instead I find a pasture
where I must step around
the copious dung piles of
various grazing creatures

In this manner my poetry
portrays an imperfect life
an imperfect mind and
an imperfect perfection

Every poem I write
is an imperfection

1 comment: said...

>>Every poem I write is an imperfection<<

I think the imperfection is a paradoxical perfection. Through the imperfection our words become perfect.