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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fundamentally Wrong

Forever wheedling and crying,
always birthing and dying,
ever cheating and lying,
no wonder God chooses
to ignore human kind.

Constantly pleading forgiveness,
consistently sinning regardless,
chronically needing assistance,
it is understandable that our
prayers go largely unheeded.

Or is it just me?

People tell me God listens,
they say that He cares,
in their eyes tears glisten
as they peddle those wares.

And on stage the preacher
puts his hand out each time
he claims he is God's speaker,
and asks me to give a dime.

Or am I just jaded?

So many voices
speaking for God,
so many choices,
so many frauds.

It's hard to continue believing,
in a God who never appears.
It's hard to hear God whisper
when the Tower of Babel is near.

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