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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Role Playing

I have been playing roles my whole life

The forgotten middle child
The obedient and needy son
The stable and reliable Pater Provider
The lover
The unfaithful lover
The rejected and cuckolded husband


Friend and sometimes
though not by choice

Late in life I come to the wisdom
that all these roles are not me
but only choices I have made

The choices have seared me
scarred me and given character
to my aging and graying face

Now the end of this journey
is real and growing closer every day

Now is the time for me to determine
and to learn who I really am

To cease being a minor player on this stage
and to live in the truth of this moment
with the authenticity of a poet's heart.

And this frightens me more than any
role I have ever learned to play

1 comment:

Helen said...

What came to me when I read this was: Thrill and terror are conjoined twins sharing one heartbeat...

What occurs to me now is that the heartbeat that keeps thrill and terror alive is the same heartbeat that will reveal what is true and real for you as well as what is 'playing a role'.